Blood Prize {Book #1 of the Bloody Dance Series} BoyxBoy

Magick burns and demons walk in a world that had long since learned the face of us. I was one of them now, but I hadn’t always been cursed with this gift, if it could be called that. I hunt my own kind, but more importantly I hunt the one who doomed me. Tick Tock Great Demon Ban, I’m coming for you.
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This was a spectacular chapter. Omfg, I can tell that you're an amazing writer. I'll say what I've learned from Pewds, YOU ARE FABULOUS!!!
I love it so far Im just wondering is he a demon or a vampire or something else?
this was awesome i really like zero but damn shu u wanted him to drink from a dead girl smh morals anyone reading on
Your descriptions are so realistic, I can imagine the things in my head. I am intrigued by thrilling fantasy, and you've written perfectly! Amazing job! :D
@30SecondsFromDeath I reported you.  It's different.  But w/e.  I'm done with you and this website.

I think you should be proud and wave your ego around. :D You write amazingly well, so keep it up. :D

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