My Brother is Louis Tomlinson

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kelbell1621 By kelbell1621 Updated 2 years ago
Kylie Tomlinson hasn't seen her brother Louis in 2 years since he's become famous. After a tragic accident, her father is forcing her to movie in with Louis and the rest of One Direction. Kylie thinks nothing of it, living with her brother and 4 other guys, no big deal. Until she starts to get closer and closer to one of them. Will they be able to be together without people getting in the way?
Ziamqueen Ziamqueen a year ago
The Indian one I didnt knw Zayn was Indian i don't think he is
kylee-hemmings kylee-hemmings a year ago
This is scary but my first name is kylie spelt the same and my middle name is marie lol
ronron422 ronron422 2 years ago
So who Is so closer with I didn't read it yet but I'm guessing it's Harry cause the pic I hope it is Harry
LightsShineOnYou LightsShineOnYou 3 years ago
Wow!! Really good story and chapter!!! I Love it!!!Please upload soon?!! :)
MyDogAteMyHomework MyDogAteMyHomework 3 years ago
This is really good i really want to know what happens!!please update!!x