I'm Dying, Mate.

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Norie Tanabe By norieiswild Updated 2 years ago
--in Serious Editing it might have some extra chapters added so stay tune-- iona is dying in one year after 3 months she visited her uncle only to stay there permanently because she has no choice, her uncle wants to keep her alive and he searches for her mate but he failed. but iona already saw the TWO of them and they rejects her what will she do then when there is no hope on living anymore? No more hope to survive this disease, No more time to witness everything that is wonderful in the world.
YASSSS I fvcking LOVE the " Thirst " novels but whyyy oh whyy did sita have to turn human and why did Ray dieee......now she so vunerable to her enimies who r chasing her........I ONLY READ THE FIRST BOOK ALSO
truthfully the entire story could use some editing. it says it's edited but there are still quite a few stops that aren't right. I'm not being mean or ride just honest. and on a note of honesty I like your stories.
Still crying my eyes out for her!!  I wish Keith and Jared would beat the living hell out of that 'MATE' of hers but then again don't want to start a war!!!
Ok I am loving this story, the plot and characters are well developed.  There are still some issues with words left out that is needed to make it read smoother BUT THAT SAID--the story already has me crying my eyes out and I am still reading it because it is a wonderful story!!!
True, ambulances are very bumpy, I had to ride in one due to a severe sports injury on my birthday -_-
I have 9 cousins just on my dad's side of the family.  I'm not sure about my moms side cause I haven't met them all.