I'm Dying, Mate.

--in Serious Editing it might have some extra chapters added so stay tune-- iona is dying in one year after 3 months she visited her uncle only to stay there permanently because she has no choice, her uncle wants to keep her alive and he searches for her mate but he failed. but iona already saw the TWO of them and they rejects her what will she do then when there is no hope on living anymore? No more hope to survive this disease, No more time to witness everything that is wonderful in the world.
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I cried while reading this. This story is really worth a try. I just read the first chapter and I really loved it<3
It is an interesting story, but the grammar and english are making it difficult to understand. But again an interesting story.
This is soo coool! My Name is Iona. Only you pronouce it "EEE-OWN-AH". good story!
Are you gonna finish this
 I really wanna read it but not if it wont be finished
I love the book, but I liked the old cover better. The girl that looked like she was drowning was more powerful.
Wow this is really great, I don't usually read books like this. But all I can say is wow keep up the great work. :)

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