You're Now Part of the 1D Family?(One Direction Fanfic) (ON HOLD)

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Ashy143xx By Ashy143xx Updated 2 years ago
When 16 year old Charlie Clarke goes on a family holiday to china she has no idea that she is about to fall in love, meet her favorite boyband and have something happen that will change her life forever. Read on to find out what happens! :)
hazzalover69 hazzalover69 2 years ago
this iis a good book so far please keep writing an adding to this story
1Dreams 1Dreams 2 years ago
@Ashy143xx  no I'm not, hahaha I'm just 5. hahaha also love her eyes. I got Hazel brown eyes :)
Mitzytrix Mitzytrix 2 years ago
Cute beginning hun xx Not too detailed! Just how i like it :D
Chubby_Bub Chubby_Bub 2 years ago
I love it! It's not to fast paced and not too detailed perfect :P
snowashley snowashley 3 years ago
@Ashy143xx It's not bad :) it's pretty good just watch the tenses
snowashley snowashley 3 years ago
This is really good :D i'm deff up for reading the rest just one small tip is try writing just in once tense either past or present otherwise it gets a lil confuzing :)