Love. It's Complicated. - Sticks and Stones SEQUEL - One Direction

(Read Sticks and Stones first) Everything seemed to be perfect between Niall and Harry, then Harry started to drift away and a rift formed between them. Things started to get complicated. Hearts were broken and tears flowed. Will love truly conquer all or will everything just fall apart?
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awwwwwwwww poor louis ! they should be together if niall doesnt want him ! whyd you have to make him be so embaresses in this !!
This. Is. A. NARRY. Story. If you wanted to write Larry, write a different. Story. --Narrrrrry shipper
You're so nice thanks for writing this for us :D ASDFGHJKLÑZXFIRSJKOSNXK. I should be doing homework but I'm here reading this instead. #WorthIt #YOLO !!!
There was a sequel all this time?! LOL! I just knew. Sorry :( Well, Imma read this now! Great job @blecca ;)

~ Vincent x
YESSSSS!! loved it!! Haha Larry and Narry?!!! My dream!!! Haha how cute that Harry is faithful even when hes in a fight!
Nooooo! On the last book y'all were happy and just did the dirty!! Please not Again!!! Ahh

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