Alee's Watty Emotions

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Are you looking for new, exciting ways to communicate with your friends? If so, use this guide to impress your mates by knowing all of these wonderful icons that will brighten up your Wattpad texting! :D Talk in code, with all the different objects, and see if your mates can guess what the heck you're on about! ;)
by the way grills are like the gold things that go on your teeth but usually rich people have them but you don't ussually see them.
When I was looking at this book I was talking to my friand on here and so I started sending her these face thingys and practicaly sent her the whole book! It's realy cool!!
@AleeSmith haha but this ish a great book cuz those emotions are AWESOME
@AleeSmith hahahaha i was trying it out to see if they worked here on MB aswell........haha