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Airam (Maria) By Airam (Maria) Completed

Tahira was born and raised in a Harem. Knowing nothing of the outside world other than what she was told by those who wish to keep her behind the city walls. The world was short of men and having daughters was no longer permitted. A wife should bare her husband a son. Tahira's virtue for sale. 

New and very important visitors arrive. Her dance tonight would be her last as she would be sold to the highest bidder to bare him sons but she was not prepared for the true horrors that awaited her behind the city walls.
@AiramAuthor thank you! I see so many stories with such basic errors, it's good to know people care about what they write.
I guess being a nerd I'm only aware of the back abnormality!! Ha ha
You may want to change the title, lordosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine.
Just have to say I love ALL of your books here on wattpad! Waiting for the next chapter is excited not knowing what will happen next. (:
I love this book !!!! Please update I see that it's been on hold a long time????? Please update its awesome
wow this is honestly amazing and I so can't wait to read more your description is amazing and throughout the entire webisode I felt as though I was there witnessing in the feeling the emotions of all of your characters you are very talented and I'm very happy that I found this to read good job!