Living With John Cena [WWE FanFiction]

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Harley James is a fifteen year old girl. Sounds normal, right? Wrong. She's also a deliquent, a criminal and what many would call; a lost cause. But what happens when she's collected from the police station one evening by WWE Superstar John Cena? A road full of romance, friendships, wrestling, love and laughter; read on to find out what happens when Harley starts Living With John Cena.
Oh yeah they. Do get tried as adults it depends on the crime
Am I the only one dreaming that this were Randy Orton instead of Cena?
I wouldn't even say nothing about him driving past my street I would have been doing cartwheels and backflips in my head
omg i love John Cena. not like my "favorite wrestler" (he is) but like YOUR MY CRUSH
WWE RULES MY DReam job my friend mark is the chairman of wwe so I booked when I turn 21
don't 15 year old go in juvie not least that's what happens in my country