First and Last

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_forth_flight By _forth_flight Updated 3 years ago
Parker's never been in one place for long.She's never had friends,or been close to anybody but her Father.So what happens when she finally starts to lay down some roots? When she finds out that she is a werewolf and the alpha of her pack wants her like he's never wanted anything else?

 Okay,the synopsis is shit.I acknowledge that,but I promise you'll like the story.
Rachel-LouiseDuffy Rachel-LouiseDuffy 3 years ago
So I really like this book!
The only thing is.. I was in love with old Parker, I think she's changed a bit too much:(!
Luly123 Luly123 3 years ago
I'm only going to start reading this because I love your synopsis ;)
lolliedragon lolliedragon 3 years ago
heyy i'm really into your book atm :D but i can't find the PDF files i wnana read at school too but i can't go on wattpad there D:
leopardgurl17 leopardgurl17 3 years ago
I really enjoy reading your book. its really good so far. :) I started my own book on here after  reading so many good books. its called "Skyler Moon" im working really hard onm it i just hope its good so far like yours :)
Criticism_Award Criticism_Award 3 years ago
@forth_flight Excuse me, I was just trying to help, but whatever.- No One
TomlinsonsToms TomlinsonsToms 3 years ago
I know I'm not really commenting or anything, but I was wondering if you can tell me how to write text on your pictures :) It will really help me out.