[SLOW UPDATES] There’s no denying that the five boys who make up One Direction aren’t anything less than extraordinary. And there’s also no denying that their fans would do anything for them. Anything. Jenner Perry was one of those fans. One night, she had the opportunity to save her boys. And save them she did – by kidnapping them. How she managed it, she’s still not sure. But there’s one thing she’s certain of now – her parents wouldn’t be the only ones looking for her. The kicker, though, is that none of the boys know they’ve been kidnapped. As far as they know, they’re on vacation – no cell phones, internet access, television, or means of transportation. All they’re worried about is what each day will bring under the sun, in the sand, and near the water. Who knew an abandoned beach house could be so great? Not Jenner. Not Liam, Harry, Niall, Louis, or Zayn. And the driftwood bonfire isn’t the only place sparks will fly. Question is, how long will Jenner have before their whereabouts are discovered? Long enough to pull herself out of her sticky situation? Will it even matter once the boys find out what she’s been hiding? It’s going to be a long, hot summer.
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@xShe3Believes5x I love the trailer, it's amazing. And the story is great, keep going :)
I love it!!!!!! it really is cool!!I'm kinda new here so please follow me I'll be pleasured if you do so!Thanks!!! :)
Oh my god you brought it back a couple months ago someone had this exact book then deleted it. I'm so happyv!
I was in love with taking five when it came out, it still do. Finally some one who is smart.
And I just recently watched your trailer for this book and it is AMAAZZINNGGGF!!!!!
Wow the trailer was seriously just WHOA it makes me want to read it.... Guess I'm not sleeping tonight!!!

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