Balancing Act

Last year Halle Pearson was violated by her ex boyfriend Tyler Martin, in the school bathroom. She was saved by her brothers best friend Cole Waters. He's the only person who knows. She can't focus on anything in school, but ballet. Her friends are getting frustrated with her not being there, and her dysfunctional family weighs heavily on her shoulders. Her whole world seems to be crumbling around her. But Cole, offers to help her get through it. After a few times of just talking, she already feels better. And she also finds herself falling for him.
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This is really good! Your description and wording was so well described. And I pictured the scene at the dinner table like a movie. Really well detailed! :)
Excellent start, you deal with some very tough and real issues that it really brings home a visceral feeling. You can certainly write well in first person!
This is an amazing start. Added to library already and I plan on reading it all when I can fully appreciate it :) I don't want to rush it. VOTED XD
oh wow super intenseeeeeee - really great chapter and super interesting! good job@!
i was kind of confused in the beginning but now things are getting clearer and more good.
Great chapter! I like the way you started and ended it. Well written and well done! Voted :)

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