My Charming Little Stalker (A Short Story)

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daydreamZzz67 By daydreamZzz67 Updated 3 years ago
Alyssa Grover has always loved Frankie Howe. 
Donnie Howe always loved Alyssa.
And Robbie Howe is Alyssa's Charming Little Stalker?
Composed23 Composed23 3 years ago
I think this is good and it's a cute idea, but you just have some grammatical errors. I would edit for you if you want! :P
ReaderXY ReaderXY 3 years ago
If you still want to make your writing better someone agreed to help. Their writing is great and there storys are Funny and Awesome!
ReaderXY ReaderXY 3 years ago
No I don't :( sorry. I suck at writing but I could ask some people. Your welcome X)
ReaderXY ReaderXY 3 years ago
It was ok I guess. Nice ending.
Am I the only one who commented?