Teen Mermaid Me

Crystal Collins is hated by some, and admired and envyed by others for her looks. She is the typical teenager-loves hanging out with her friends, pranks her older brother (and gets pranked too), and has a crush on the hottest boy in her school. But she has a secret-she's a mermaid, and when she finds out that she's adopted, she tries to find out more about herself. Also, the boy she's had a crush on forever, Aaron, actually starts acting like he might like her. So, is Crystal going to be able find out more about her family? And what about Aaron? He seems to be getting a little too close for comfort to her secret... Hey everyone, I know this story sounds a bit cliche, but don't worry, I've got some surprises planned :D The beautiful cover is made by @Skyscraper000. Thanks! :)
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@sarahsissyboo123 it's funny how both of us knew that this girl would definitely be the stuck-up redhead. It's always redheads or blonds!
Gosh when i read this my heart is like " OHHHHHHH whats gonna happen next" and i feel like im gonna have a heart attack thats how good ur story is
I'm honored to have this chapter dedicated to me. Keep writing Girl you are doing great!

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