Hardly Worth Your Time

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Neither of them were expecting to fall in love, but then again, life is full of unexpected events. She just wanted to enjoy her final year of school; he just wanted to live his life on the road with his band.   A crash, a run, an unexpected meeting. A hug, a letter, a trip to see him. Yes. Life most definitely is full of unexpected events.
    Warning: This story is rated R. Scenes are suggestive and strong language is used.
it means original character. like a character that originated from you
Meet me on Thames Street, I'll take you out though I'm hardly worth your time.. x3 
                                    sorry hehe first thing that came to mind xD
Correct me if I'm wrong but I think it means original character
Um....In the summer the temperature is 25° and thats a good thing?
                                    Youre probably not gonna see this, but...
                                    HOLY DAMN CHICKENS.
                                    youre a brill writer, ay.
                                    No joke.
                                    Love, Joso