Hardly Worth Your Time

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hopelesslyholly By hopelesslyholly Updated a year ago
Neither of them were expecting to fall in love, but then again, life is full of unexpected events. She just wanted to enjoy her final year of school; he just wanted to live his life on the road with his band.   A crash, a run, an unexpected meeting. A hug, a letter, a trip to see him. Yes. Life most definitely is full of unexpected events.

Warning: This story is rated R. Scenes are suggestive and strong language is used.
ilovealexgaskarthx ilovealexgaskarthx 4 months ago
Meet me on Thames Street, I'll take you out though I'm hardly worth your time.. x3 

sorry hehe first thing that came to mind xD
eharrison2199 eharrison2199 8 months ago
Correct me if I'm wrong but I think it means original character
TiffanyPinkk TiffanyPinkk 2 years ago
Um....In the summer the temperature is 25° and thats a good thing?
JosoHasAFace JosoHasAFace 2 years ago
Youre probably not gonna see this, but...
youre a brill writer, ay.
No joke.
Love, Joso