Bloodrising moon

I ran in-between the oncoming forces, my eyes burning gold. Stopping in the center on the battle field, I let out a scream. A scream so fierce it ignited my power sending shockwaves through the crowds. They all fell to the ground, flat on their backs. Humans and Wolves alike. “Are you crazy?” I screamed as every head turned toward me. “You are attacking each other when the world around us is about to crumble from something so different from the both of you. You must be out of your minds!” A few wolves growled behind me and one whimpered but I didn’t turn around. “I know that I am crazy because I ran between the both of you but I have a reason to do so. My head is on straight enough that I can see clearly and I see what is going on here. The hunters hunt, the wolves track and I don’t give a crap! You both live on the wonderful planet we call Earth, a planet where everyone can be who they are! I don’t want to change that but this world we live in is going to be under attack and you two are more focused on killing each other than killing the demons. The enemy is out there, not here!” I shrieked as I pointed away to add more emphasis. “ And God Damn it they don’t give a crap what you are they will kill you! We all live in America and we believe in rights, they don’t. So here is my proposal-no here is my demand! Stop messing around with this bullshit and join together. Fight for the right to kill each other another day- no fight for the God Damn right to live…” ~~~ Sophie Wicks is not normal. She has an abusive stepfather, a dying mother, a best friend who is not who she seems, a dreamy guy who can be the one but constantly pushes her away, and strange abilities that have a profound effect on Sophie as a person. Will she be able to keep her life from falling apart and be able to save the world or will she not only get herself killed but her loved ones too? What could go wrong? ~~~~~ Book 1: Immortal Confession series
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Good chapter! Very interesting! Can't wait for the next update! Keep up the good work my friend!
I really like this story and cant wait to read more. I would like to comment on each chapter but i cant cause im on my ipod -_- hope you continue :)
Kaylee, my darling, you are now grown-up in terms of writing. (I knew you'd be able to write stuff like this eventually)

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