Let's Play a Game

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Adjusting to a new school must be hard. Maxynn Chase would know about that better than anyone. When she first entered Corvus High School, everyone mispronounced her name and targeted her as the school’s playboy’s next victim. But a year later, things have changed. People could finally pronounce her name and were now convinced that she had caused her mother’s supposed murder.
    Because of her mother’s sudden death, Maxynn is forced to move in with the school’s playboy, who is still determined to go out with her, even after a year of being rejected. She is just like his usual targets: she's a breathing female. Finally fed up, Maxynn suggests a game that they could play, a game she is determined to make him lose. Too bad she doesn’t realize that she’s already playing someone else’s game.
many supply teachers do not pronounce my name correctly, Serena.
I thought it was Maxine n I was like how do u not pronounce it right but then I realized I sound stupid! ppl ALWAYS get my name wrong to the point when even my friends just say it wrong so I tell ppl to call me Kayla! 
                                    I talk TOO MUCH!
by the way he must go on with the ladies I'm sure he's been mistaken for one if you know what I mean
our life is a book , God is the author as he knws wht lies in our future n wht we become n who we end up with so acc to me our life is a book
how doesn't people mistake her for a boy then. I mean her name rhymes with Jackson.
you should be thankful instead because someone is willing to talk with you than ignoring you like a wind passing through.