The Plans for You [WA 2012 Finalist]

Oakley, a Christian, is focused on finding God and getting into college. When a bargain with a friend to come to church ends with her raped and pregnant, her priorities drastically shift. How can she just tell everyone she is pregnant? What will they all think? How can she just throw out the rape story as if it doesn't hurt her at all to talk about it? She's a Christian, and in that world they don't take it lightly. What will happen when she meets the guy she thinks is the one God has planned for her to be with? Follow her story through forgiveness in the form of a boy who raped her, new love in the form of a boy named Guy, and acceptance as she discovers God's plan doesn't always match up with your plan. *Caution* Is not for younger audiences.
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Awesome! I'm glad that I've found some Christian fiction. I'm planning on writing one myself pretty soon. :)
Um hi, this is my first time reading a Christian story on wattpad although I am one and it is really good
Omg, I'm loveing your story!! We need a story like this on here. Good job.

Reading on.
I honestly cried at Oakleys response no one deserves to go through its one of the most confusing feelings in your life
Another brilliant chapter! I'm in love with your writing style and I already feel a connection to Oakley.
Wow, I'm only on chapter 1, and it's good already! You have a rare talent! Keep up the good work!

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