Human Trafficking

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Ch1ld0fCynt4r By Ch1ld0fCynt4r Updated 4 years ago
Poetry to create awareness of such a horrible crime that is taking over our whole world. These victims need our help.
braedensmummy braedensmummy 3 months ago
I am a survivor of human trafficking in Texas. 2 years ago I was saved. it happens everywhere. it makes me so happy to see people making a stand against modern day slavery. love your poem.
AliceMorris7 AliceMorris7 6 months ago
this is a powerful write. so sad but you have portrayed the situation and emotions well. heartbreaking to hear someone would rather be dead. great write
reganirwin reganirwin 2 years ago
This is amazing. My passion is to put an end to human trafficking.
AreebaJawaid AreebaJawaid 3 years ago
WOW! :o
I so freaking love this. I write poems that portray messages myself and I happen to LOVE, like L-O-V-E this one!! and the topic. WOW. :)
Writergirl888 Writergirl888 3 years ago
This is amazing. I never knew abou Human Trafficking. I only know of girls that purposely sell their bodies online. I feel sorry for the people who have lost their lives to it.
XxohellokittyxX XxohellokittyxX 4 years ago
@Ch1ld0fCynt4r exactly. and even people closse to u can just be acting.. we never know so we always have to be careful.. it does suck.