Yes I Said It I'm In Love with the Fat Girl

Kahlan Storm's life was always hard she had a dad who was a drug addicted who was in jail with no mother around her brother is going to marry soon and she is all alone and she was fat. Brandon Fury was the quarter back for East High he was popular and had everything he could ever want, so it appeared anyways. but he was failing school so his dad ask Kahlan a straight A student to tutor him. once they are together they find themselves falling in love. But With Cody Missy, Griffin and Stacey around it seemed they were going to be torn apart. Cover thanks to my wonderful cousin Skye.
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@DayanaMay its not called dirty mind its called having a sexy imagination -snap-
In my opinion again it's up to you in the end, but I believe it would be better to get rid of the "for".
'Fat'? Look at that shape. Shes curvy and beautiful. Wow. 'Fat Girl'. No. Just no. Dont even go there lol.
Being silly for the silliest reasons of acting silly......... So silly those silly serpents..... HAHA!!
@scorpioninpink its been years she hasn't even updated her newest story since 2012 you think she reads these comments? Because she doesnt so cut her some slack.
@blackice45 That's what I thought. Read the first few paragraphs & I just couldn't continue. Sorry :( x

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