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_SecretCrowdsAVA By _SecretCrowdsAVA Updated 11 months ago
When Isobel Valentine's twin sister died in a car accident, she blamed her dad, and still does seven years on. She's insecure, lonely and afraid, but when new guy Christian Murray moves into town she finds herself feeling vulnerable and doesn't know why.
Kingkai1 Kingkai1 2 years ago
REally great description, sucked in right away! The first page was really great :) Can't wait to keep reading :)
flamingink flamingink 3 years ago
dude.... this is just BRILLILANT :) damn, you're a talented writer and I've only read the first chapter!
PirateNinja PirateNinja 3 years ago
The emotion feels real and the description being put into detail is great. Voted.
BiteMyTonguex_x BiteMyTonguex_x 3 years ago
Amazing as I expected! =D 
I shall definitely be reading on!
leeshalove82 leeshalove82 3 years ago
Very cool idea! I love it already. Just the way the main character talks draws me in; it's hooking. I'm really looking forward to reading more! And thank you for commenting on my story :)
Ferret-bird Ferret-bird 3 years ago
I must say, your summary does this story no justice. It makes this out to be the regular, old, angsty teen romance, but your writing style is worlds above other teen fiction writers. I was surprised--and that's hard to do ^_^