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knightwriter By knightwriter Updated 6 months ago
Amaboo Amaboo 5 months ago
Very positive and uplifting! Universal, I think everyone can relate to this. It's like an anthem. Well I think of it as an anthem, especially for youthful society today.
newpoet newpoet a year ago
Love this one too. and those voices can just go away. V. A real winner, Kay
InquisitiveLove InquisitiveLove 2 years ago
Thank you so much for the dedication! This is such an amazing poem.. I love this so much
Thank you again!
PriyankaPal PriyankaPal 2 years ago
This is beautiful... :)
Absolutely realistic :) This really does reflect the society in many ways...
raindrop raindrop 2 years ago
The best kind of writing paints both the darkness of the world and the way out(: This does that, in a way...a sad way...but the voices, the little commands, are so common today and sometimes do lead to that ending (of death). The only way to fight it...what is that? Thanks for sharing(:
stridermarcusjones stridermarcusjones 2 years ago
Echoes of the Stepford Wives run through this. Excellent poem. Voted.