Please don't leave me

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BlackAmber By BlackAmber Completed
Previously: Stay- Don't leave me- not with her
Ashley has always been.. distant. Sara was a non-believer. Alyssa was always insane; she wanted to get rid of them. So she escaped from the asylumn.
They were a disease. A scurge. She wanted a perfect world.
One death at a time.
Sidso7340 Sidso7340 2 years ago
This is a great book and I don't see why it doesn't have a lo of reads yet! I know I'm only a little into it but you are great at showing the emotion and the scene! It's amazing! Please check out my books? Happy new year!
whoisayannica whoisayannica 2 years ago
it's awesome xD and you're getting most of attention from being featured alot in the Horror category. I wish my book got that much ;`(
Troy318 Troy318 4 years ago
I stumbled across this and it caught my attention. I'm liking it so far.