We Are Married?! (PUBLISHED under Pop Fiction)

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Candy By iheartcandiii Completed
You are a sixteen year old high school student living on a house with your Geometry teacher who comes to be your husband. Wow, what a life! © iheartcandiii 2012
Curious... hehehe...
                                    Never thought that a 16 years old can be married here in the Philippines :-)
                                    As far as I know,  only 18 years old and above can enter into marriage.
                                    Really interesting story... I really want to read this story. Love it.
Nakita ko na napublish na pala ang story na ito :) Congrats sa author ^___^V
Congrats author for being published :) I knew whwen they announced Im familiared when they announced it. One of your silent reader :).Congrats
Buti nalang hindi ko to natapos dati. Mabibili ko na  yung book. ^^
Miss ko na talaga tong story na to. Nung dineactivate ko yung isang account ko, hindi ko na to nahanap ulit. FINALLY! NAKITA NA ULIT  KITAAA <3
Paki-read po! Kung may time. Salamat po! http://www.wattpad.com/story/37249971-married-to-mr-sungit