Uniquely Hidden{Slowly editing}

Have you ever felt invisible? Like no one could, or cared enough, to see you? Welcome to Taylens' life. Ever since being dumped by her group of friends four years before, she has seemed to slip off everyones radar. People no longer noticed her, and she doesn't understand why. Sure she isn't exactly unique, but that doesn't mean she isn't there. But, there's a reason for everything. Turns out, Taylen is about as unique as they come. Follow Taylen as she learns about her werewolf heritage and meets her mate, Keegan. When Keegan says something that angers Taylen more than she ever thought possible, she does the unthinkable; she runs. And so the chase begins, a chase with more twists and turns than originally thought. Even with the help of others, can Taylen survive the chase without the one person who was made to protect her; her mate? All rights go to me.
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Didn't she just say she hasn't seen him since he was nineteen? Confusion confusion.
Is this book going to be like Taken my favorite book ever if it is I will love you even more
Love the storyline but miss the old cover:/ keep writing because it's really good!:):)
From the first word this got me hooked like literally. especially the first paragraph, it flows really well. wish i could write like you.
Even when I read the description I <3ed IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OHHHH had me on the edge of my seat through the whole chapter!
Really gripping and totally exciting.

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