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Full of books that will make me laugh, cry, scream, open up and eat loads of ice-cream. Find out about the authors that have written your favourite books to ones that are undiscovered. Start reading to find the right book for you...
At her sister's death Karliene of Dubhshláine soul turns to ice. With distrust she is betrothed to a deadly Lord whose plans are unknown but to one man. With his long dark hair braided and his black coal eyes, many men referred to him as Balor - the Deadly One.
Title: The Proud Lord's Daughter
                                    Please tell me what you think!!
Title: Midnight
                                    Genre: Werewolf
                                    thanks :)
I wrote a ff called Diana.
                                    Diana is a mute girl with no friends that naively discovers Harry's secret Twitter account and becomes friends with him. Until what point? 
                                    (just click on my name if you'd like to read it :))
So, I have a Dystopian story with hopefully some humor, there is going to be romance, LGBT/POC representation and well, hopefully a good plot!
                                    Title: Ignite
I have a Fantasy story, with a bit of romance and humor and a badass main character :)
                                    Title: Dark Lines