The Train[Ziall/Lilo BoyxBoy Fanfic]

He's the bad-boy and Im the good-boy. So how did we fell in love with eachother? Niall Horan, little sweet, innocent Irish boy and Zayn Malik, baddest most thoughest guy in school from Bradford are paired up as 'train buddies' on their school trip to London but when something goes wrong with the train they are stuck in the room together. Feelings start too rise and none of them know why. Are they falling in love with eachother?But thats not right they are opposites. But you know what people say 'Opposites Attract.' *Not In Band*
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me and niall are the same well except for the dyed blond, blue eyed, irish part. oh and louis and harry and girls. but other than that were the same
Well damn I feel bad now because I said my first cuss word when I was in kindergarten
@keycantarero12 no not Hazel— Hazel is a mixture of Brown and Green, Zayns eyes are Amber — orange/yellow and Brown
Straight as your body when Zayn's bending you over a counter and... Yeah I'm stopping there. You get the point.
"straight" yes of course. because that is what this fanfic is about. you being straight. gotcha.
Never sworn.... Really Niall? (I know this is a fanfic but i am refering in the real world)

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