The Train[Ziall/Lilo BoyxBoy Fanfic]

He's the bad-boy and Im the good-boy. So how did we fell in love with eachother? Niall Horan, little sweet, innocent Irish boy and Zayn Malik, baddest most thoughest guy in school from Bradford are paired up as 'train buddies' on their school trip to London but when something goes wrong with the train they are stuck in the room together. Feelings start too rise and none of them know why. Are they falling in love with eachother?But thats not right they are opposites. But you know what people say 'Opposites Attract.' *Not In Band*
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oohh so bad just watching people get thrown into trashcans. Oh LOUIS YOU'RE JUST LIKE ME BUT STRAIGHT
I don't know Zayn. Maybe you're a bully and wanted to punch me in the face.

or you just want a piece of Niall *wink wink€
The apostrophes [and lack of] really bother me. The description is really good though :3
Who gives a flying f.u.  c .k?! It's fanfiction for crying out loud! The writer could give him purple eyes if s/he wanted to. Deal with it.
Niall, you're as straight as you are when Zayns bending you over the counter and fuc- yeah I'm gonna stop right there.
@RachelxDance I literally yelled that out loud and my mum is giving me curious looks

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