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Book information, links to buy, short stories, Fiction Interviews, TLB song lyrics and news about The Lost Boys world!
@liliancarmine ooh, that's sweet! I also noticed a bunch of boys including Harry as your friends :D #realTLB? xD
read the dedication of the Tris also ur husband's name?? are u somehow Joey?? xD <3
@liliancarmine that's AWESOME NEWS LILY!!! will spread the word  <3
I've bought the first book on my kindle, and eagerly awaiting the second. Love Harry, he's my fave;).
                                    Thank you for writing this:)
@liliancarmine Thanks for the info!
                                    I'll be saving up money starting today so I'll be able to buy the first day its out :)
                                    Really love The Lost Boys specially Tristan! :)
                                    Tell him I said 'Hi' :D
Will it be published in the Philippines?
                                    I really wanna buy this book!