He Belongs to the Tamaz Twins

Elijah and Isaiah have their sights set on adorable little Kacer. Elijah and Isaiah are twin models. Everyone swoons at the sight of of them but Kacer and they plan on changing that real soon. They plan of breaking down his defenses and have him coming to them willingly. Kacer is older than the twins and he doesn't fancy models. They're a little too into themselves or so he thinks. So it begs the question...... Who's willpower is stronger the twins' or Kacer's?
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Hope you do more chapters. Have u deleted some cause there were more chapters last time i read this book
You took the chapters back why to sell them no one might by and I screenshot the book anyway
You don't know how long i've been looking for this story, I'm so happy I found it. Your a talented author don't let anyone tell you different.
I LOVE Chicken bacon and ranch subs from subway!!!! ok off topic....the story seems great so far :)
Thanks for the descriptions (I forget easily and then I'm lost when I try to imagine the story :P )
Omg I read that oneshot ! I am so freaking happy you decided to make it into a story !!!!!! :DDDD

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