Foster Brother?

“Oh my gobstoppers… ‘Allie, this is Jay and his sister, Alex. They will be staying with us for a while. We decided to file for foster care.’” ~~~~~~~~~~ Allie has a nice house, good clothes, great grades, and a pretty good life, at least, that’s what it looks like on the outside. She’s got problems going on, everyone does, right? Jay has been in foster care for a couple years now. Soon he will be eighteen and will be able to go out on his own and can support his sister too. He’s tired of the same routine every time. The foster parents are either really mean or way to nice. It never works out, but maybe this time it will… Then there’s Nate, the player trying to pursue Allie, and Riley, her ex. Oh, and don’t forget Leslie, the one person trying to make her life miserable. Secrets don’t make friends…they make enemies and there is definitely some stuff everyone is trying to hide.
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one of the best things I've read in a while! Mind checking out my story? It would mean a lot! Xx
I saw Graham Wardle's picture and I was like 'Oh my gosh! I have to read this!' 
Love it so far(:
@misspancakeforever98 yeah...sorry about that! I think I got distracted by the picture and then wrote the first name I saw which was Alex.
@misspancakeforever98 Haha, oops I wrote Alex by mistakes...(since she's his sister) I meant Jay, haha!
Write out your numbers and don't say BTW in your chapters, it just doesn't go well in stories. And I must say Alex is hot xD

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