A Sweet War (A Wattpad love story)

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virusdreams By virusdreams Updated 2 years ago
Meet Ashley Rivera, who is nothing but a stubborn, egoistic 17 year old girl, uses Wattpad to escape from the harsh realities of the world. On the other town, Nathan Harrington, a 17 year old geek, uses Wattpad as a tool to express his real emotions, by writing poems, since he’s unable to do so in the real world.
But fate has other plans for them. When Nathan stumbles across Ashley’s profile and seems to disagree with her stories and Ashley, being Ashley, doesn’t take it so well and tries to get back at him which eventually leads to a war on Wattpad, with every passing day, it continues to grow into something sweet…something they both could never comprehend.
Caity10101 Caity10101 3 years ago
My first thought is, this girl is so rude! haha! It is nice though, refreshing then the ,"OMG, I JUST BROKE A NAIL" type girls that people write about. I like the guys username :')
ukhanna ukhanna 3 years ago
Uh-ah! :D What a chapter! (and dirty, of course :b cos Nick wrote it.) XD
I could feel the humiliation :/ that was pretty much embarrassing. 
I loved it ;) 
Update, soon!
Loveena Loveena 3 years ago
Haha, great you username! I liked it, You did a really good attitude impression, I'm going to continue!
Khwaish Khwaish 3 years ago
Wooww!! seems like you both really pulled this off!!! :D

Great job guys!!
Ashely character is worth knowing about. :D
natsuriayuko natsuriayuko 3 years ago
@virusdreams hahah~ Weird. I'm not sure to whom I should address my responses.
ukhanna ukhanna 3 years ago
Nice one :D
But, yes! Ice cream love is too cheesy :d :p
Awesome :)