Samuel Kowalski, a promising student in his final years of school, is about to have his entire world turned upside down. As a series of attacks upon his family grow more frequent and more intense, he is eventually sent on a heartstopping fight for survival across the harsh Australian desert. Persued by the law and a family hellbent on vengeance, Samuel will stop at nothing to make it out alive.
Hey, Its Aidan from the Chris Bongon Workshop at aitkenvale library :) I just wanted to say that your book is a great read. I just want to say that you have shown me that maybe you don't have to be thirty to write a really good novel. Any way, thats all :D
Really cool story. You keep a good pace throughout and it's really gripping. Nice work, voting :)
This is good :) It draws the reader in and keeps them wanting more. No grammar mistakes. Voted :)
Gripping prologue.
You leave a lot of mysteries unravelled, which obviously makes the reader want more. :D