Trapped in School (Watty Awards 2012 Nominee)

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Emily By aggirl53 Completed
Natalie and Lucas have hated each other for as long as they can remember. She's an uptight perfectionist. He's a sarcastic shut-in. But when the two get trapped in Harrison High School during the biggest snow storm of the season, they are forced to work together. How will they cope?
O my gosh.. They're talking about chemistry.. I know that. Stoichiometry and stuff like PV=NRT. Lol..
Everyone's taking about 'death note' and im just like how can she be late if the bell just rang?
Everyone is saying I love Sebastian and ciel
                                    And I'm just like 
                                    All for undertaker and grell more or less because my laugh sounds like undertakers
Yassss! ouran high school host club is ma fave!!!!  Xxx   :-)
I do track.  I throw discus and its so easy, easier than running
If you watch Supernatural you will also know why you don't make deals with "the devil", or demons as they are really called because that is who makes the deals.