One Direction? Oh please. *on hold*

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_Gingerlysweet By _Gingerlysweet Updated 2 years ago
Nikki Jones is a 17 year old girl from Northern Ireland. Ever since her dad left a year ago she has turned into a rebel and has been held back a year at school for poor behaviour and attendance. One day when Nikki is skipping school she ends up bumping into none other than One Direction, when the boys find out she's not a fan they do everything they can to change her mind. Her mum sends her to London to live with her dad after she's had enough, the boys suggest she gets there private jet. During the journey to London she realises the boys are not the stuck up boys she thought and becomes close to them, sharing her story. A game of seven minutes in heaven results in her kissing the boy she dislikes the most, but what happens when she likes the kiss? Could she be falling for the one she thought she hated? And what will happen when she steps of the plane? Will she see the boys again? And have they convinced to try hard and get the qualifications she needs? All in this story "One Direction? Oh please."
1dlouisgirlxx 1dlouisgirlxx 2 years ago
Pleeeaassee update soon? I've been waiting for ages and I love this story! Not matter what though, I won't give up on it :) hope you are ok :) xx
IndiaHoran9 IndiaHoran9 2 years ago
the charactor nikki jones has my twitter name its fate that i read this
terastyles terastyles 2 years ago
please take this book off hold and continue i really love it.... tanks =-)
zaynscream zaynscream 2 years ago
It's been like 2 months since you updated!! Please do so, soon. I wanna find out what happens :/
NicoTommo NicoTommo 2 years ago
I have the same name , even if it says Tya :))) Cause my name in  NIakky Tiana :))) And Ps: You shoul not use Taylor Swift cause after she gets to popular and evryone knows who she is , it get's boring to get in a story , you should try Dakota Faning .
twerkinontheirish twerkinontheirish 2 years ago
Good!:) WHOLE other subject..- Babycakes?? Lol cute name..haha