Find me. Catch me. Kill me.

I'm Liliane Wood. I'm running away from what I love the most, my mate. Betrayal and lust, rules me over. I can not trust anyone and sometimes I can not even trust myself. Save me, please. Find me, catch me, and kill me from myself.
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have you given up on this story? I hope not  this is the only one on wattpad that I'm waiting for.
I get that it's a flashback, and this is just a suggestion, but why not make it a prologue or preface?
This story is so...what do u call it? Crazy...insane...twisty. But pretty good written. Luv it
How can a vampire and a Werewolf become mates? I'm curious please send me a message and Explain it to me...
It is absolutely amazing, you should carry on with this type of stuff. I cannot wait for the rest. was not her mate? then how did she mistaken him as her mate? :/

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