Land of dreams

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_snowflakes24 By _snowflakes24 Updated 2 years ago
Sally  a.k.a Kazen stumbles into the land of dreams where she finds a mysterious man(a.k.a Imao) telling her things that she never knew of,now she had to help him find the Invader that is trespassing the laws of dream world.  A world of impossible things that is what dream world is. Where does Damon Salvatore fit in all of this?
darknight1841 darknight1841 3 years ago
Wow! ur really good at description:) ur book sucks me in! I also btw love ur writing style makes the pictures in my mind come out very clear:) keep it up! voted*
desilisius desilisius 3 years ago
nice story! :) its really interesting, i hope there is romance in there :D im beginning to like imao :p nice job ^-^
FallHardCliche FallHardCliche 3 years ago
like i said in the previous chapter, amazing!!! keep the great work up! :D
butterflymommy31 butterflymommy31 3 years ago
Wow! Great subject! I havent read anything even close to this! Loved it.... But need to know what happens next! Thanks for the fan and votes on mine! I hope to read more of this soon!
mila14_ mila14_ 3 years ago
Voted, because the idea about 'charmers&dreams' is very interesting. But  add more description:the guy, the place...