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MusicDreamer123 By MusicDreamer123 Updated 3 years ago
Annaline and Emmett Steel were both abandoned by their parents. There lives were miserable when they were left by their parents. When one day they were taken away from their aunt. They were taken away from their misery. They were taken away from their past and brought into their future.
    They now are training for something they don't know what but they know it is related to their parents and they have to solve it. 
    Along the way they both fall in love. Emmett falls for someone who is hiding something big and Annaline falls for someone who gives her déjà vu and makes her feel something she never feels before for any guy. 
    They now both have to fight but is it for the right reasons?
I love your story!! Please upload the next chapter I am looking forward to it so much ;)