Intensity: Destination Everywhere. (A Mindless Behavior Trilogy)

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iBasedSupreme By iBasedSupreme Updated 2 years ago

 After Jassie's disappearance, Princeton is broken-hearted. Two years later, they pronounce her dead, but is she? Princeton's instincts and gut feelings tell him to think otherwise. When he goes on the search to find Jassie and rekindle what they had, will it actually happen? Or will the intensity of their love finally dissolve due to his connections to Royalty?


After leaving the Mindless gang, she returns back to her normal life. She's moved on--new school, new identity, new thoughts, and a new boyfriend. She still regrets leaving, but she knew if she would've stayed, she would've been dead. When she hears Princeton's on a search for her, will she hide? Or will her heart let them meet halfway?

  Bonnie and Clyde have nothing on these two.
NaeNae_soMindless NaeNae_soMindless 24 days ago
A www tht is so sweet I wish I had a mom but at least there's my grandma who's been there since day 1 when my father didn't know how to take care of me.
tytyalexander tytyalexander 2 months ago
You know what Princeton will shove his Mexican dick in you Pussy you get pregnant Princeton cut out the baby and rot in a lake
AshleighElam AshleighElam 2 months ago
ok so this is my 3rd time reading the book and I still cry when jassie gets shot
Unf0rgivable Unf0rgivable 4 months ago
#DEADD bruh ima start saying that now . " you must have lost your everlasting mind !! " cx
volleyballer8888 volleyballer8888 4 months ago
Omg who remembers shadow man from princess and the frog he did that voodoo junk
TerryTheCreator TerryTheCreator 4 months ago
This some scary shitt oh no y'all know wat time it is get the fvck outta here✊✊