The Elementals [Watty Awards 2012 Action Winner]

Winner of Most Popular in the Action category in the 2012 Watty Awards. Valerie is Water-Abled. At the age of sixteen she was able to manipulate and freeze water molecules. After she graduates high school she’s shocked to find that she was accepted to a university she never applied for – Abled University, at the request of her deceased parents. Valerie soon falls into the Abled community but what should she do when she learns dark secrets that were kept from both her and the entire Abled society?
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i have a feeling that derrick is fire abled. it only makes sense. he fits fire perfectly.
I know how you feel. I don't have the same name as you but my name is NEVER in books. It's Angelia
would you judge me if I told you that up till this point I pronounce abled abb-led
I can't breath when your touching me
I suffocate when your away from me
So much love you take from me 
Your blowin out my mind
Why are everyone's parents that are killed in wattpad have to be killed in a car accident
My name is Helena:) the first time I read this book i fangirled because nobody has my name hahaa

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