I'm his mate...ha-ha that was a fun one

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_xxNightchildxx By _xxNightchildxx Updated 2 years ago
[ON HOLD] Meagan Summer is a bit crazy, some might say. With her best friends Samy, Josh and Lily, she always manages to do something fun or crazy. One day a new guy starts in the school, named Ash, who seems to be really interested in her. Meg on the other hand finds him creepy and a bit scary with the way that she always feels electricity when he touches her. One day Jake, her boyfriend, comes back into town after being away for three years. Ash and Jake seems to hate each other, and Meg always finds them either glaring at each other or fighting.
Meg is a girl who hates everything that has to do with supernatural things, so what will happen when both Ash and Jake claims to be werwolves and that she is their mate?
solskensbarn solskensbarn 2 years ago
Omg. Omg. I love werewolf stories!! I'm going fan girl on you right now!!! :D