The Ghost Trackers Case Files: Book 2

"I love you" is a pretty big deal, especially when youre keeping his dead brother a secret. The Ghost Trackers come back from their break and are ready to film again. Only, things aren't like the last time. After learning more information about Patrick, Amelia is more than hesitant to work with this ghost. The power struggle between Brody and Amelia continues, even if they are a couple. Brody attempts to regain control of his show while Amelia tries to keep them safe. But is this too safe and comfortable for the viewers looking for horrifying ghosts? Will Patrick step up and accept his actions, or will he simply leave it up to the psychic to handle?
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@DeeGreat a certain characters point of view in the story. shows and tells what they are experiencing.
jensen only appears in the kissing scene! He's the main character. c'mon there's more to that guy than that!!
HEY IM BACK! sorry it took so long to move onto this book but I was caught up in my own books.
Great to have the gang back, loved the first book, and    i know I will love this one
Whoa! Miles heard it all! I hope he doesn't tell on her.
The starting chapters are usually boring. This is just the exact opposite!
Love the first chapter! Definitely gonna be reading on! :D
The casting for Brody and Patrick is perfect! I had pictured the same duo!

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