Beautiful Tragedy

Hailey Gabriel Trinity Christine Bauer (and yes that is her whole name) has had a rough past and now that yet another thing has gone wrong in her life, her three brothers drag her from California to New Jersey. She hasn’t seen Jersey since she was seven and she’s not sure she’s ready to go back yet. Will things get better or will they get worse? Those secrets about her past that have been locked up can come out at any time and they may come out sooner rather than later.
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Hey , This story is amazing! i love it.  One of you fanx/friends reccomended it! welldone! ;)
That is really really good! Keep writing! I love the story and can't wait to see where you go with it <3
Hmm, interesting, I mean, yeah I'm a bit confused at why she's moving, but this IS the prologue, you know so I guess I'll be okay. :)

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