The Enemy's Brother (Editing)

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abbielou12 By abbielou12 Updated a month ago
Blake caught Kitty's attention the very first time they crashed into each other, literally. Unfortunately for Kitty, Blake also happened to be the older brother of her worst enemy. Louisa, head cheerleader and queen bee at school controls everything, except Kitty, the girl who is falling very quickly in love with Blake.
When a devastating accident happens it looks like it's too late for Kitty and Blake's relationship to be saved, that is until Louisa gets herself in a difficult situation.
Will Blake have to choose between the two most important girls in his life when Louisa finds herself in trouble, or will the girls manage to make up in time to solve their impossible feud before it's too late?
Truelove157 Truelove157 8 months ago
i like it so far. very fluent and easy to read with a good dynamic main character. on foward to the next chpater.
weissnichwo weissnichwo 2 years ago
The opening is great, but I saw a few mistakes here and there. Though I think it's a little sad - for Kitty that is. Haha. Voted. :)
PokeHaunter PokeHaunter 2 years ago
The opening is really powerful. I love it :) I've added it to my reading list and voted. :D
RahniaForever RahniaForever 3 years ago
This is really gonna read the chapters now:) Voted
TheTeensReact TheTeensReact 3 years ago
Oh my goodness! Thankyou for dedicating this story to us! ^-^