My...Stepbrother? [boyxboy]

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Hyperactive Kory is moving in with his mom, his new stepdad, and his stepdad’s son. His sexy new stepbrother, Trace, takes an instant dislike to Kory. As Kory tries to get Trace to like him so they can get along living together, he finds himself becoming a little too attracted to his new stepbrother.
idk what to be confused on. that he would give birth, that'd it'd be a peacock, or that it'd come out of his nose?
                                    THE FUDGING FORCE!!! USE IT GOT DAMMIT
Preach. I Love my food! When i mean love...I mean LOVE! Don't mess with my food or we gonna fight!
This is me right here. whenever I trip or hurt myself on an object I'll glare at it and cuss at it. XD
this is so funny. I laughed really hard. And this is so my friend right here. he will yell and cuss out objects he hits himself on. 
I'm dying trying to keep all my laughter inside and not wake anyone up lol. XD