I Knew I Had To Get You, Whatever The Payne *Niam Horayne*

Liam Payne, just 1/5 of the quickly rising British/Irish boy band One Direction. Niall Horan, another 1/5 or One Direction. Both of them have this brother/brother relationship but that's not all they want. They've both had feelings for each other since X Factor and will a kissing dare bring those hidden feelings out and bring together two lovely boys? Or will the pressure from Simon, The Media, and Fans become to much and force one of them to leave One Direction? And when there are two other boys in One Direction pinning after each other, will One Direction go down the tubes with 4 gay members? Or will this whole experience just make them stronger? ~All credit for the cover goes to @ElleChanter She did a BrilLiam and PhenomiNiall job!~
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Yah remember that one interview? They have dessert before supper, so he defo lets them stay up till 12
That's what I say to myself. Liam, you and I both know that we're just not the kind of people who can be mean. Sorry to break the news
That's how I play!! I suck at dancing, I just push my brother and throw mini fits. But, after a while, I learned to just dance horribly. It's more fun.
im from britain so i obviously wouldnt know this unless your british then im just stupid but what does the word islanfd mean?
puts hand over heart and remembers the moments of being scared to death by Bioshock Big Daddies
i just thought of something random, if Liam won't touch the spoons, then how does he do dishes? he rinsed off Zayn's after all...

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