Dirty Short Stories

Before you say anything: I know, I'm a perv(; but IF YOU ARE JUST GOING TO BE RUDE, DON'T READ IT. Anyways, this is just sexual short stories. Make a request, and I'll write whatever kind you want(: don't get TOO weird though.(;
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Hey guys ,found something sexy over here . Check out

plz writ ma story with a boy called parker and me jade, parker kept touching me up in skool very dirty plzz.xx
Will you please make a sexual story about a girl named Jenna and bryson. Include that jenna has big boobs, tall, and is a red head.
Hi could u pls make 1 for a guy called Josh with hazelnut hair and a girl Ella wid hazelnut hair!
Hi could u make one for amy and michael amy has dark brown hair and electric blue eyes and michael has brown hair and elctric blue eye please thank
could you make me one my name is gabrielle and i would like the guys name to be shane

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