How My Passions Impact The World

This is a speech I had to do for my class. Each year there is a speech contest in my county called The Oratorical Paper. In my class we could volunteer to do the speech. I volunteered along with some others. So we had a contest out of our class, I won out of the class. So I went on to the school. I didn't win the school one, but I`m gonna do it again next year! So this is my speech that I did. The theme for The Oratorical Paper was "How My Passions Impact The World."
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@ShilohGrace35287 thanks but I decided not to do it I couldn't figure out what to write about but I'll try next year and use your advice
i have to do the exact same thing right now and i was looking for some inspiration and this definitely helped me a lot!
This is really good! How my passion impacts the world is the same topic that I have to do for my speech I write. Thanks for inspiring me!
@ShilohGrace35287  ok its a good speach though, and I was asking because i'm thinking about doing it at my school so any advice?

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