Descent Into Darkness

Phoenix has left his family, and is on a mission to rid the land of Demetrius' influence all by himself. The stone has taken him over almost completely, removing his conscience, and making him capable of horrible acts of violence, murder, and other atrocities. Can Ember, Lindani and Spedro save him before it's too late? Or will he cut a path across the land, leaving a trail of smoke and bodies in his wake?
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Loved the first book, this one is amazing! Finally made an account to show appreciation.
Robert Jordan himself would be  proud. Keep up the good work with your young self.
Excuse me, but the young lad on your book cover seems to need medical attention. Would you like us to pee on his burns?
I really like fanatasy book because it is interseting book to read and I enjoyed this book
this is a good story but i gets a bit creepy btws i think that u would enjoy my storys
wow. phoenix, whats goin on? killing innocents is getting to be a real wake up call... i'm kinda scared...

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