Michigan To Cali! <3 (Diggy Simmons Romance) Under Editing

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Kekesi94 By Kekesi94 Updated 2 months ago
The year is 2014 Kiearra Delois is moving to California from Michigan to start her music career. With some help from her bestfriend she knew since she was born Khleo Thomas. She moves out here a year after finishing high school and throughout the time she is here bestfriend/ cousin tries to loosen her up more and stop being such a saint in a way. She never cusses, She follows every dang government rule, She doesn't dress with parts of her body showing and never where's sandals only sneakers, she's quite the tomboy. Will Kiearra find love through the process of making music will she come out her shell a little? Will she become more of a party girl? She's nearly 19 years old and never been kissed, because of her trust issues! Hey how will things go with this Michigan girl moving to Cali?
DeeplyDope DeeplyDope 2 years ago
Ohh! I see conflict already! Khleo love him some Kierra! Shoot. I wanna go see Diggy too! Damn Ke is short!
DeeplyDope DeeplyDope 2 years ago
We'd be fighting if someone was in front of my damn house at 8:00 am. Sleep or not. Stranger or not. I'm spitting razor blades. Point. Blank. Period.
Lovetowrite09 Lovetowrite09 2 years ago
I'm loving this story already. Michigan to California is a long way. I wonder what's going to happen. Btw great start. Definitely going to continue on. :))
lolipopmix lolipopmix 2 years ago
I wonder what Khleo's role will be. I hope Kiearra gets her wish. Michigan to Cali is a long way. My moms did the reverse..lol
ExaltDenise ExaltDenise 2 years ago
Khleo might like Kierra if he is guna buy her Diggy tickets. Backstage passes is even better. I loved this chapter.
CitaaSoDope CitaaSoDope 3 years ago
I Loved This Chapter . Thanks Fir The Dedication KeKe . Much Appreciated . : )