The Aftermath (3rd Edition)

In a post-apocalyptic world, a group of survivors are pushed to their limits to survive. Vont and his band of companions must evade the watching eyes of both man and beast alike to survive.
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He dreams of eating wolves :O. LOL. Anyway, I live the name Aster!!!! the plot seems interesting and quite unique. Well written descriptions so I liked it :)
Brilliant. The conversation with Charles Meyer was scintillating. I can see the feelings of anxiety, rebellion. wonderful.
Your details are so good! They really make it easier to imagine. Well written :)
Great desctiptions! I could easily picture the whole thing in my head. Great job on this chapter! Voted
its very interesting. i'll be waiting for the release of the next chapter then :D
there are very few mistakes in there and it really got me curious!in short-its Amazing!

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