Impermissible Love (Student/Teacher Relationship!) *Sequel* (ON HOLD)DO NOT READ

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Kiara R By Kiara R Updated 3 years ago
*SPOILER ALERT* *SPOILER ALERT* THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO DIRTY LITTLE SECRET! You don’t have to read it to understand this story, but it gives you the background of how this story was created! (:
Nevaeh Castelo is now a senior in high school and she thinks that she is going to be done with boys. Well, high school boys that is. As soon as she walks into first period Art class she knows that her life will never be the same, but she’s ready take this challenge head on and see how her life ends up. Will Nevaeh end up falling for her first period Art teacher? Follow Nevaeh on her journey through love and heartbreak. Will Nevaeh get her happily ever after? I guess you’ll just have to continue on to see.
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Can u please please please pppppllllllleeeeeaaaassssseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Update again........ Yoir stories are MAD addicting. Don't give a shit of what the haters say. Focus on the people who are just as addicted as I am. You left a cliffhanger for almost a year. Come on ur an amazing writer.
Hiya, please can u update this story I am lovin it to pieces and loved ur first book to this, I would love to carry it on soon... thx
Pleaaaasee udate I'm beyond absossed/addicted to this book and dirty little secret  please udpate. 
When will you be updating this story?? :( I miss reading it!!
omggg these stories are amazing!! i loved the first one to pieces!! i read it multiple times! are you going to update soon?? i really want to know what happens with Nevaeh and mr watson!!!
Please check out my teacher student story! I'm working on my 3rd chapter! :D